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Choosing the Perfect Golf Cart: Buyer's Guide 2023

They say all work and no play... Hence, if playing golf is one of your favorite pastimes, you might consider investing in a golf cart worthy of the best course in town. With that in mind, Cajun Carts offers dependable used golf carts in Lafayette, LA residents love. But taking your pick from the myriad options can be tricky, right?

Well then, let's help you snag the right cart for your weekend, professional golf outings, or just some fun mobility.

Types of Golf Carts

You can choose between electric- and gasoline-powered golf carts. Here's a breakdown of each, including the considerations you should make:

Electric Golf Carts

Electric carts are battery-powered, allowing for quieter operation. They're also an environmentally conscious option, making it easy to partake in leisurely activities without leaving a large carbon footprint.

As you shop around for an electric golf cart, a few elements should be top of mind. These include:

  • Battery life and charging time - These carts come fitted with lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. The latter tend to have a longer lifespan and require less charging time, translating to more time doing the stuff you fancy.

  • Power and performance - Battery choice significantly affects a golf cart's performance. For instance, high-output batteries offer more torque and top speed, making them ideal for sloping terrains. Also, using a high-quality charger leads to better overall performance.

  • Maintenance requirements - Your electric cart will require periodic maintenance, including regular joint lubrication and checking of battery water levels, although the exact requirements depend on the specific model.

  • Cost - Electric golf carts can cost a tidy penny, depending on the bells and whistles you choose. However, weigh the upfront cost against the long-term running expenses, which tend to be lower.

Gasoline Golf Carts

As the name suggests, gasoline golf carts are powered by fuel and offer more power than their electric counterparts, allowing you to handle undulating terrain easily. They're also relatively cheaper upfront, making them an excellent option for those on a budget. Less downtime in refueling also gives them an edge over electric carts. Some of the factors to consider when exploring gasoline golf carts include:

  • Engine power and fuel efficiency - Larger

engines handle steeper terrains better while being perky, but this can take a toll on your wallet (hint: higher fuel consumption). While selecting an engine size for your golf cart, ensure it's appropriately matched to the terrain you’ll mostly cover.

  • Maintenance and service needs - These types of carts generally require regular service and maintenance. This includes checking the oil levels, fuel filters, spark plugs, routine tire rotation, and brake checkups.

  • Noise and emissions - ■ Noise and emissions - Due to their reliance on gasoline, these carts tend to be much noisier than electric ones. They also produce more emissions which may not be ideal in a densely populated area. Newer ones are slightly louder than electric ones.

  • Cost - Gasoline carts cost less than electric variants, although they require more fuel and maintenance. Factor these costs into the overall price before deciding. Gas and electric are closer in price depending on the cart model.

Golf Cart Features and Accessories

Seating Capacity

Do you need a golf cart for a trip around the neighborhood, or plan to load up the crew for a day on the links now and then? Be mindful of your passenger and cargo needs - clubs, cooler, bags, snacks - you name it. In short, pick a model that offers enough seating capacity and cargo space based on your lifestyle.

Golf Cart Speed and Performance

Golf carts aren't created equal. Some have better acceleration and handling capabilities than others. As you narrow your choices, remember that most golf courses have maximum speed limits. So, play by the rules - unless you don't mind ruffling a few feathers!

Battery and Charging Considerations

As much as we love our trusty golf carts, they wouldn't go very far without a reliable battery source - the electric version. Thus, explore different battery options like lead-acid and lithium-ion to maximize your cart. While at it, determine the available charging infrastructure and its compatibility with your chosen battery so you can cruise around the greens worry-free.

Storage and Cargo Space

The cart you choose should also offer convenient storage options. Some feature coolers, built-in compartments for personal effects, cargo storage, and more.

Comfort and Convenience Features

Many golf carts have various features to ensure a comfortable and entertaining ride. From customizable cushioning options, cup holders, and stylish upholstery to windshields and canopies for protection from the elements, you can find a 'ride' that ticks all your boxes. You might also invest in a cart with amenities like USB ports and audio systems - whatever tickles your fancy in the convenience department.

Budget Considerations

Your budget will ultimately play a role in deciding the type of golf cart you get. After all, you don't want to overstretch your finances. With that in mind, some of the cost-related aspects you should consider include:

  • Price Range for Golf Carts

Low-priced carts cost roughly between $2,000 and $3,500, while mid-range models go for around $4,000 to $5,000. You may also splurge on premium quality carts, which cost $30,000 or more.

The cheaper range of Cajun Carts’ inventory (with prices

increases on everything) is $5000.00 for a two passenger or $5500.00 for a four passenger.

  • Factors that Influence the Price

Gasoline carts cost less than electric variants (as aforementioned). Also, renowned brands and models will likely set you back more than budget-friendly models. Furthermore, add-ons and customizations such as steering wheel covers, drink holders, audio systems, and upgraded tires come at a premium. Gasoline and Electric are comparable in cost. **We sell American made; EZGO and Club Car are both based in Augusta Georgia. They are here to stay. Purchasing a cart (made in China) has better pricing but may not be

around for long. Getting parts, accessories or finding people to work on the off-name brand ones are far and few, if any.

  • Financing Options and Warranties

Based on your budget, you may consider financing from your local dealership. Or, go for a personal loan depending on your credit score. Also, consider the warranty and after-sales offered by your chosen brand and model for your peace of mind and protection.

Golf Cart Maintenance and Upkeep

Your golf cart requires routine maintenance to keep it operational. Some of the fundamental maintenance requirements include cleaning, lubrication, and tire pressure monitoring. Also, recharge your battery regularly for op

timum performance and check and clean the terminals to avoid issues such as a shortened battery life or slow performance.

Regular service checks also help safeguard your golf cart by ensuring it runs at peak performance. Plus, they allow you to nip potential issues in the bud. By partnering with an authorized service center, you can count on trained professionals who understand the intricacies of your vehicle.

Get Your Golf Cart at Cajun Carts Today!

An adventure-filled outing can only get underway if you have the right equipment and transportation. Whether you’re starting out or have been around the block (or course), or wish to spice up your life, Cajun Carts is your one-stop destination for your golf cart needs. Check out our inventory at, and let's help get you where it's at!

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